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Body Sox™

Reinforces Spacial Awareness, Encourages Creative Movement

Winner of the 1993 Early Childhood Director's Choice Award.

Body SoxBody Sox are specifically designed for spacial awareness and interaction. Each pillow-case-like sack is made from a translucent LYCRA® with a reinforced hook and loop-closed entrance.

Once inside, users find themselves in a private domain that lures them into kinesthetic exploration. As they move their shapes become art-like. They become enraptured as they begin to understand and explore the 3-dimensional space they individually occupy.

Body Sox users quickly find out how easily it is to transform space and how balance and coordination affect this transformation. Users can create dancing images such as rolling rocks, hatching eggs, moving puzzle pieces, birds of flight and more!

Click here to see the included Activity Guide.

Click here to see the Adapted Activity Guide.

Body Sox™
X-Small BODY SOX. 34" tall x 27" wide.
Small BODY SOX. 40" tall x 27" wide.
Medium BODY SOX. 47" tall x 27" wide.
Large BODY SOX. 56" tall x 28" wide.
X-Large BODY SOX. 66" tall x 28" wide.
Tall BODY SOX. 74" tall x 23" wide.

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