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Integrations Can Help You Turn Your Idea Into A Reality!

Maybe you have an idea you've tried. Many of our products, like these, shown below, come from people just like you: therapists, parents, teachers and others working with children with special needs. If you have an idea you've tried, and you'd like it made into a product, we'll be happy to help you.

Each year, Sportime International (parent company of Integrations) introduces new product ideas. Since their introduction in 1983, over 500 ideas have changed the lives of therapists, parents, educators and their children. Virtually every product trend you see in the catalogs you receive began at Sportime.

In 1993, we began accepting product ideas from the outside. Currently, 40% of all new ideas are based upon prototypes or advanced-state concepts sent to us. If you think you've created something truly unique, something that you'd like considered, we want to know about it. If your product ends up wearing the prestigious Sportime logo, you'll join a growing list of inventors receiving the financial rewards that come with a Sportime Lifetime Royalty Contract. Please submit your ideas in writing (preferably complete with drawings, photos, and/or a video), to:

Ilana Danneman
PO Box 922668
Norcross, GA 30010-2668

Sportime (and Integrations) understands and respects the fact that your unique ideas are your Intellectual Property. We will neither copy your idea nor share it with others without your permission. If you require a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we do not supply them but are most happy to sign the agreement you send.