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Meet Integrations Catalog Director Sue Wilkinson

Sue Wilkinson

Suzanne Wilkinson, OTR/L has worked for years in the public schools collaborating with teachers to develop practical solutions that enable each child to participate to their fullest potential. An award winner for Innovative Teaching, Sue will help ensure that Integrations has the products and strategies that get fastest results.

Suzanne is also a co-owner of one of the nations largest sensory integration (SI) clinics called LifeSkills, located in Winter Park, FL. Her goal is to build awareness of the power of sensory integration, and, with the Integrations catalog's commitment, share the SI strategies that are so user-friendly that children can be successful in all environments.

Sue is the former owner of Kinetic Kids, a company that offers sensory integration products for children with differing needs. Kinetic Kids has joined the Abilitations catalog team (learn more about Abilitations), bringing Abilitations customers the innovative tools that get results and have children loving what their bodies can do.

Sue welcomes your questions, suggestions and comments. Send Sue an e-mail at [email protected]