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BodySox™ Activity Guide

Created & Written by Kimberly Dye, MS, DTR


Instructions Movement Ideas

Children love the protective, hiding experience BodySox provide. In an atmosphere of imaginative play, BodySox encourages the child�s kinesthetic exploration of balance, coordination and body boundaries so important in early body- image and self- esteem formation. Its stretchy, translucent fabric creates a seclusive, private domain while the child can still discern outside shapes. The VELCRO® opening allows for easy entries and exits. It�s great for quiet time and those days when the kids just can�t stay out of each other�s space. Teachers use BodySox to demonstrate concepts of shape, space and visual motor coordination

Remove hard sole shoes or you may wear sneakers. Hold BodySox vertically, with opening facing forward. Step into it, placing each foot in a corner. Pull the BodySox up and overhead, positioning head in center, top, placing hands/ arms in upper corners.

PUZZLE PIECES: (body boundaries, adaptation, cooperation trust)

Children imagine they are each an important piece of a large puzzle. One child starts alone in the center of the room and makes a shape he/ she can hold comfortably. Instruct the child to find a way to mold to the previous child�s shape until the puzzle is completed.

HATCHING EGGS: (body part differentiation)

Themes of emergence, being born, coming out into the world, hatching eggs, changing, etc. can be developed as the children explore different ways they can begin to peel off the BodySox one arm out, one leg, upper body, lower body, head, etc.

ROLLING ROCKS: (body boundaries, proprioception, directions)

Children explore 101 ways to roll, (slowly, quickly, as small as can be, as long as can be, etc.) If they make contact with another rock they must roll in the opposite direction.

MUSICAL SCULPTURES: (shapes, body awareness, visual/ motor coordination, listening)

Divide group, half watches while the other half improvises in their BodySox to music. Instruct children to freeze in a BodySox sculpture when they hear the music stop. Ask members of the watching group to quickly name each sculpture. Switch roles.


Decide on a category; insects, snakes, sea creatures, things that grow, birds of flight, creatures from outer space, etc. Select music that mirrors the dramatic quality of a chosen category. Encourage the children to begin exploring their new identity within the BodySox. You may verbally reflect back to the children what you see as you watch. Or you may use their spontaneous images to create a story- dance. Continue to pick up their cues as you develop the story.

COSTUMING: (creativity, imaginative play)

Encourage children to create their own creatures by adding paraphernalia either inside or outside their BodySox, hats, helmets, rolled up clothing, scarves, belts, etc.

DUO BODYSOX: (balance, cooperation, creativity, body awareness)

Two children inside a BodySox is more fun than one. Encourage concepts of partnership, moving as one cooperative unit! Leaning into the support of the fabric.

NOTE: BodySox are washable in cold water, hang dry.


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