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NASPE, PELINKS4U, and Sportime are pleased to announce, effective February 1, 2005, the creation of NASPE-Forum, a new discussion forum for professionals in physical education, health education, sports, and fitness. Click the following link to open the forum: http://www.pelinks4u.org/naspeforum.

The daily naspe-talk listserv co-sponsored by NASPE and Sportime remains your best way to stay current with the latest professional news, learn about current issues, and pose questions to others in the profession. NASPE-Forum is designed to complement the daily listserv by offering a convenient way to discuss topics in depth with others who share similar interests.

NASPE-Forum is divided into several different topic sections such as elementary, middle, and high school physical education, coaching and sports, fitness, adapted physical education, technology, advocacy, etc. Users can pose and answer questions and dialogue on topics that may be new, complex, or controversial. Each topic is then subdivided into different sections focused on specific issues. Easy to use, NASPE-Forum is a great location for catching up on previously discussed topics. You can also use the forum to initiate extended discussions on new topics.

Please give the new NASPE-Forum a try. The moderator for the NASPE-Forum is Paula Summit, a physical educator from New York State and the 2004-2005 NYS AHPERD President. Paula will be responsible for ensuring that messages are appropriate in content and category. John Hichwa remains as the popular moderator for naspe-talk.

Networking and information sharing are critical to our professional knowledge, energy, and revitalization. NASPE, PELINKS4U, and Sportime are committed to providing you with vibrant, relevant and professional on-line communication vehicles. Please take advantage of these services, and let us know what we can do to make them even better for you! Questions and comments can be sent to: naspe@aahperd.org and pelinks@pelinks4u.org.