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Vision: A Learning Connection

What happens when there are visual issues? A child frequently may be referred for a vision check up. The "all clear" means that the actual eyes do work well. What isn't working are the eye muscles. When the body doesn't register movement appropriately, it is difficult for the brain to send the "endure" message to muscles. This impacts eye muscles, too.

Think of some of the ways we use vision in the classroom. Looking at words on a page and moving all the way across without losing the place. Looking for an assignment on the board, refocusing on the paper to write information, then up, then down, then up etc. Using two eyes together to move through the room without bumping or touching objects. This list is endless!

The modifications listed here can ease the amount of fatigue an individual is experiencing. For questions or suggestions regarding visual solution, please call 1-800-850-8602.

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