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Why Vibration?

Did you know vibration offers calming and organizing input for most people?
The activation of touch receptors and deep touch receptors is why massage is so relaxing and invigorating.

Our mouth and face have enormous sensitivity by providing chew opportunities that involve vibration, very often a child can organize and calm down. It is important to allow an individual to explore vibration on their own terms and pace. Whether an individual has hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity, vibration helps to "normalize" sensation. Vibration tools benefit individuals that:

  • Frequently chew on the necklines of their shirts
  • Bite others
  • Are picky eaters especially because they are sensitive to textures in the mouth
  • Dislike having their teeth brushed or face washed
  • Are diagnosed with autism or autistic spectrum disorders such as pervasive developmental delay
  • Need to strengthen mouth muscles by chewing
  • Are adults with significant self-injury due to biting "behaviors"
  • Are in the sensory-motor stage of play such as toddlers
  • Have been tube fed and have aversion to eating
  • Have discomfort in the mouth such as teething or TMJ

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