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Trouble In School? Can't Sit Still?

Children with processing disorders have a tendency toward two major problems regarding sitting: Lack of focus and the inability to sit or stand for a long period of time. Their brain tends to "under register" movement, and without that ability, they can't focus. Although they look strong in quick actions, the body can't endure long periods of sitting or standing.

Successful strategies include allowing as much movement as possible without disrupting others while sitting. When other organizing strategies are used, along with the new seating option, many children can double or triple previous sitting time periods. These modifications include allowing small movement opportunities with the hands, using fidgets, or with the mouth, using gum or "chewys."

The second major strategy is to provide as much support as possible while sitting so the body feels secure. This includes: Feet flat on the floor or footrest, Good back support (No bucket-shaped plastic chairs!), and hips and knees at 90-degree angles. Again, this strategy is even more effective as you add other organizing supports such as the Mozart Effect's Tune Up Your Mind or a Concentration Station.

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