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Language Production: Challenging For Both Mind And Body

Did you know that language production is one of the most challenging tasks that we ask our brain and body to do? Language is the result of the sensory systems working together so that the thinking parts of the brain can work well.

When many parts of the sensory system aren't working strongly, combining the strategies from the other sections of this catalog will help you produce the best results from these language tools. For example, some individuals produce more language when they have movement opportunities that are just right for their body. For some, that might mean gently bouncing on a sit ball, rocking in a rocking chair or using a fidget in their hands.

Others may use sensory supports that calm their systems by using breathing toys or games intermittently, doing heavy work on the way to the language-based activity, or having listening input in the background that reinforces language sequencing, like the Mozart Effect Tune Up Your Mind CD (see Integrations catalog).

Even though language is hard, it is the most important part of what we do. Try to imagine the frustration of not being able to communicate your ideas. Use the Integrations catalog to brainstorm for every individual's communication success. To order a FREE copy of the Integrations catalog, click here.

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