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Improve Concentration And Focus With A Relaxation Station Or Concentration Station

Create a Relaxation or Concentration Station in your classroom, clinic or home today. It's a challenge for anyone to focus in an exciting learning environment. It's an even bigger challenge if the child's body processes sensory information inefficiently. If their body cannot filter out irrelevant stimuli, a sensory "traffic jam" won't allow them to participate and be productive in various settings. You can minimize sensory overload with the Concentration Stations or Relaxation Stations in the Integrations catalog. Each one provides an "organized" setting for peaceful comfort. To order a FREE copy of the Integrations catalog, click here.

Here are 3 of the most common ways these wonderfully encouraging spaces are used:

    1- As a means to calm children so they can re-emerge when ready to come back to the activity.
    2- As a peaceful and encouraging environment for completing tasks.
    3- As an ideal, closed environment for teachers and therapists to work with one or more children without interruption.

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