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What Is CAPD?

CAPD stands for Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Many people now refer to it as APD. When an educator or professional is concerned about APD in a child, they are concerned about whether a child can actually PROCESS what is heard. Auditory processing is a crucial aspect of integration, combining sensory input, language, memory, attention and timing to draw conclusions from information that has been heard.

Since the auditory mechanism is located so closely to the movement center of the brain, it becomes clearer that learning is not all in your head. The basic sensory systems, especially movement, play a key role in learning, according to the latest in brain-based research.

There are several preventive measures you can take with APD children. Allow children additional time to process what has been said; talk slowly and rhythmically and ask the child if talking like this helps; obtain advice from your educators and professionals; and provide additional support from the products in the Integrations catalog. To order a FREE copy of the Integrations catalog, click here.

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