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Why Is Breathing Well So Significant?

Children who have processing issues frequently have a condition called "low muscle tone." This can impact breathing muscles. Frequently, this means that, rather than using the diaphragm for breathing, the individual breathes shallowly. This puts the whole body on alert, making it difficult to attend and focus.

Good breathing can improve the clarity of speech. Certain sounds are based on the ability to grade respiration such as f, v, s, and z. Respiration is essential for putting the ending sounds on words.

Ironically, good breath support can even impact language production. It can make the difference between speaking in short phrases and speaking in full sentences.
In general, good respiration creates calm people, improves speech and improves language. The breathing products in the Integrations catalog are frequently used by:

  • Individuals diagnosed with attention and focus issues
  • Children that have frequent respiratory infections
  • Individuals with autistic spectrum disorders
  • Those with speech delays
  • Those with trouble eating or drinking
  • Individuals that drool
  • Individuals trying to use language but require refocus
  • Classrooms where it seems the whole class needs calming down

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