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Fun Facial And Oral Massager

Use the calming and organizing input of low-intensity vibration and learn why Jigglers are a "must!" This is the only continuous "on" chewable and durable oral facial massager. Simply install 1 "AA" battery (not included) and give the head a twist.

Casper And Uncle Stretch�
Everyone is attracted to the popular Casper and his zany Uncle Stretch's sweet faces. Amazing shapes and textures for exploration. 32.59 set
Uncles Stinkie� And Fatso�
Therapists love Stinkie's long arms for strengthening and self-regulation, and children find the high-contrast eyes and mouth irresistible. Fatso is famous for soft surfaces. 32.59 set
�2002 Harvey Entertainment, Inc. CASPER, STRETCH, STINKIE and FATSO�, their logos, names and related indicia are trademarks of Harvey Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.
Elephant And Gator
This dynamic duo is popular with parents. The elephant's ears are great as a spoon for orally defensive children. 25.59 set

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