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BlowFish, Blow!
This is the most versatile and appealing of all our breathing games. Fill the break-resistant 2-gallon fishbowl with water and add the charming goldfish. The children have to blow to make the fish "swim". Add confetti style fish food and the kids will blow harder knowing how hungry the fish are. Loved by pre-K children through fifth graders. They'll request BlowFish, Blow! Again and again! Set includes 5 goldfish, 2 frogs, 2 lily pads, 1 pack of "fish food", 6 tubes in three lengths for blowing, and the fishbowl.

BlowFish, Blow!
1-04573-172 33.99 ea.

Ball Chairs
Ball Chairs are terrific classroom tools. Ideal for children with SI, ADD, low tone or processing disorders. We bring you some of the best chairs for kids and adults alike. You choose the size by measuring the individuals arm length (arm pit to finger tips) and ordering the closest ball size. Select balls with or without legs (legs stabilize the ball when not in use).

Balls with legs
1-23582-172 55cm (21.5") Qty 1-5 24.59 ea.
Qty 6+ 21.59 ea.
1-23581-172 65cm (25.5") Qty 1-5 30.59 ea.
Qty 6+ 25.59 ea.
1-23583-172 75cm (29.5") Qty 1-5 35.59 ea.
Qty 6+ 30.59 ea.
Balls without legs
1-88591-172 55cm (21.5") Qty 1-5 17.59 ea.
Qty 6+ 16.59 ea.
1-88592-172 65cm (25.5") Qty 1-5 19.99 ea.
Qty 6+ 18.99 ea.
1-88593-172 75cm (29.5") Qty 1-5 25.29 ea.
Qty 6+ 24.29 ea.

Relaxation Center Kit
Every classroom needs a place like this, a spot to regroup, listen to calming music and get grounded for the next lesson. When the Relaxation Center is used proactively, "time-out chairs" become a thing of the past. The Kit contains a 51" x 51" pop-up tent; one 45" bean bag chair; one CD Mozart - Relax, Daydream and Draw; one vibrating tube snake.

Mini Relaxation Station
1-92002-172 179.99 kit

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